Austin Custom Wood Furniture Makers

Instead of spending your money on mass-produced, cheap, mundane furniture for your home or commercial building, connect with The Wooden Road Home, one of the premier Austin custom wood furniture makers in the business.

Owner and CEO Zach Leick and his crew are ready to work closely with you to bring your vision to life. Zach is a long-time custom carpenter, who started his business centered on both his artistic passion and long family tradition in this industry.

His advanced skills and artistic eye are on full display as he produces fine handmade furniture in Austin TX, and throughout the rest of the area. The following are a few of The Wooden Road Home’s areas of specialty.

  • Handmade custom wood furniture. This is a very broad term and can include anything from a stunning kitchen table or dining set to a conference room table or desk. As custom wood furniture makers in Austin TX, we can provide you with high-end furniture that lasts.
  • Barn doors: The Wooden Road Home also specializes in wooden barn doors for your home or office. These come in a variety of styles. Barn doors are a great addition to a home or building because they are stylish, easy to install and can help save you space within a room.
  • Wood walls: As seasoned Austin custom wood furniture makers, we can apply our expertise to create a beautiful, wood accent wall in your home or office, which creates a nice dynamic for your space.
  • Live-edge furniture: This is a special subsection of furniture that lets you bring the natural beauty of the outdoors into your home or office. This fine handmade furniture in Austin TX keeps the natural edge of the wood intact, and can include naturally occurring holes and cracks, as well.
  • Wood epoxy river tables: River tables are another red hot trend in furniture. Our team creates recesses in the wood slab, including a long one that extends from end to end. We then fill those recesses with epoxy resin. This creates the effect of a river flowing through your table.

No matter what we’re making, you can expect our team to use locally-sourced, reclaimed wood that is of the highest quality. We communicate closely with our clients so that the finished product can meet — or exceed — your expectations.

Bring functional works of art to your home or office with The Wooden Road Home

End your search for the right Austin custom wood furniture makers and entrust Zach and his team at The Wooden Road Home with your project. We’re standing by right now to consult with you.