Austin Edge Epoxy Table

Welcome to The Wooden Road Home, where Austin live edge epoxy tables are made

We at The Wooden Road Home are your custom wood furniture specialists. We make highly regarded Austin live edge coffee tables and a wide variety of other pieces including end tables, entertainment cabinets, dining room sets, and even wood wall installations.

If you are looking for the perfect centerpiece for the social centers of your home, you have come to the right place. Our live edge dining tables in Austin TX are spectacular statement pieces that provide a focal point for your family and guests. 

Meet Zach Leick, Austin live edge dining table designer and builder

Zach Leick, our owner and CEO, has a long-standing history in and passion for the woodworking craft. Indeed, The Wooden Road Home is his brainchild and the outcome of a strong working relationship with his carpenter father. The live edge epoxy tables in Austin TX that they conceive and build have become desirable in the interior design industry.

We have perfected the art of Austin live edge epoxy tables. We use bookmatched pieces of premium kiln dried hardwood lumber and use the original untrimmed edges to dramatic effect. We also leave the naturally occurring cracks in the wood and fill them with epoxy resin (color of your choice) to create a smooth surface.

What are you hoping for in a Austin live edge epoxy table?

  • The Highest Quality. Austin live edge coffee tables made by Zach and our team are made from high-grade kiln dried hardwood and the finest materials. They won’t leave our shop until they meet our high-quality standards.
  • Customization. Furniture stores may be convenient and quick, but their products never measure up to the ideal in your mind. We provide full customization of your Austin live edge dining table and want to hear your thoughts on size, shape, color, texture, and grain.
  • Long-lasting furniture. We build pieces that endure. We know that, especially because of their beauty, you will want your live edge coffee table in Austin TX and other furnishings to last. That’s important to us too.

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From an Austin live edge epoxy table to Farmhouse Tables, Benches, Cabinets, Headboards, and even mantels — The Wooden Road Home is ready to create something gorgeous and grand for your home.