Austin Farmhouse Dining Table

Welcome to the premier Austin farmhouse dining table maker. We are The Wooden Road Home, and we invite you to tap into the skill and passion of custom carpenter Zach Leick and his team to bring custom wood furniture, barn doors and other creations to your home or commercial building.

A custom farmhouse kitchen table in Austin TX — or any other piece of furniture — will always prove to be superior to the mass-produced pieces you find at the big box furniture stores. 

By teaming up with Zach and his staff, and having them hand-create an Austin farmhouse dining set instead of shopping at a large furniture store, you will get:

  • Higher quality. A farmhouse dining table in Austin TX created by Zach and his team will be made from the finest materials (locally-sourced reclaimed wood) and live up to our high quality standards.
  • A piece that is made to your exact specifications. You’re never going to find exactly what you want at a furniture store. With Zach and his team, you can custom create your Austin farmhouse kitchen table or dining set so that it comes out exactly how you want it to.
  • A long-lasting piece of furniture. It’s no mystery — higher quality furniture will last longer. Zach and his team want to create a farmhouse dining set in Austin TX that becomes a family heirloom and a fixture inside your home for decades.

From an Austin farmhouse dining table to river tables, sliding barn doors, wood walls and a wide range of other wooden creations — The Wooden Road Home is equipped to create something beautiful for your home.

Consult with our team about your farmhouse kitchen table in Austin TX

When your family gathers for dinner, have them gather around a handmade, custom Austin farmhouse dining table that will serve as ground zero for memories. Connect with The Wooden Road Home right now and get started on your project.