Austin Live Edge Wood Dining Table

The Wooden Road Home: maker of Austin live edge wood dining tables

Wood Walls, Coffee Tables, Live-Edge Creations, Farmhouse Tables & Benches, Cabinets, Headboards, Mantels, and Austin live edge table tops — you have come to The Wooden Road Home. Welcome!

The vision behind our live edge table tops in Austin TX

The Wooden Road Home is an independent, small-business furniture maker led by our owner and CEO, Zach Leick. Zach started The Wooden Road Home with the vision of making functional everyday furniture that also has fine art sensibility and unsurpassed beauty.

Our team accomplishes this by using the highest-caliber materials & processes for our Austin live edge wood dining tables:

— premium kiln dried hardwood

— high-grade, long-lasting epoxy & finishes

— and expert craftsmanship you can trust

Work with us to build a live edge table top in Austin TX that is:

  • Uniquely your own. One of the benefits of buying a live edge wood dining table in Austin TX is that you will have a piece of furniture that is truly one-of-a-kind. Our live edge creations conserve the true nature of the tree from which the wood came. We do this by highlighting the cracks and untrimmed edges of the original planks. 
  • A work of art. It’s always been important to us to create Austin live edge table tops that are stunning, elegant, and interesting. Check out our gallery to see for yourself.
  • A conversation piece. Great art makes people take notice, and it makes them want to talk about it! Your Austin live edge wood dining table will not only be the surface at which you will have countless conversations over the years – it will frequently be the topic of them!

We build live edge wood dining tables in Austin TX and many other complementary furnishings

In working with us, you may find that you’d like additional pieces to complement your Austin live edge wood dining table. We can also make full dining room sets with sideboard and dining cabinets. Contact us now to let us know your needs, and let’s create something custom together.