Austin Sliding Interior Barn Doors

Pecan Epoxy River Barn Door

Welcome to The Wooden Road Home, where Zach Leick and his team specialize in a wide range of custom wooden creations, like our selection of Austin sliding barn doors.

Barn doors are a unique decor element that are both functional and stylish. There is little wonder why this has become such a hot trend in the world of interior decorating over the last few years. The Wooden Road Home can custom make your interior barn doors in Austin TX made out of quality, robust, reclaimed wood from our local area.

From Austin closet barn doors, to filling in a doorway leading from one room to the other, Zach can walk you through your many different style options (there are many) so that you are left with doors that are uniquely your own.

Experience the benefits of sliding barn doors in Austin TX

Homeowners and commercial building managers incorporate Austin interior barn doors inside their homes and buildings for a variety of reasons. Some of the benefits include:

  • Style and beauty: Traditional and closet barn doors in Austin TX β€” especially those that leave our shop at The Wooden Road Home β€” add a certain element of style to your decor. At WRH, we can bring a rustic ruggedness that comes with our reclaimed wood.
  • Convenience: With our Austin sliding barn doors, you are able to preserve space by eliminating doors that swing open. This is probably why, not only homeowners like to incorporate this great feature, but corporations use it in their offices, too.
  • Easy to install: Traditional doors require additional hardware and it takes a fairly long process to install them. With interior barn doors in Austin TX, all you have to do is mount and install a track on the outside of the door frame and attach the door. It’s fairly a simple profess β€” and we can do it for you.

See examples of the Austin sliding barn doors that we have created for previous clients, or talk to us about your vision. The team at The Wooden Road Home is ready to create for you.