Austin Wood And Epoxy Table

Welcome to the online home for a skilled Austin wood and epoxy table maker. In fact, here The Wooden Road Home, Zach Leick and his team specialize in handmade custom wooden furniture, barn doors and wood walls.

Born out of his humble garage and stemming from a passion for the craft, Zach and his team work hard each day to provide clients with one-of-a-kind pieces that are made from some of the finest materials available and effectively serve as functional pieces of art — not just a piece of furniture.

More and more clients have come to The Wooden Road Home looking for an epoxy dining table in Austin TX. Often referred to as a “River Table” a wood and epoxy table in Austin TX features hand-created recesses in a premium slab of reclaimed wood, and those recesses are filled with epoxy resin to create a special effect.

When Zach and his team creates an Austin epoxy wood dining table, a large recess is usually created down the center of the table and filled with epoxy resin to make it look like a river flowing between two river banks. An Austin epoxy resin river table is a statement piece that provides functionality for your home or office, while creating a jaw-dropping decor element in the process.

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The Austin epoxy dining table market has heated up simply because more and more folks are seeing the beauty that comes with these pieces. They are one of the hottest things when it comes to custom wood furniture.

Zack and his team can custom make an Austin epoxy dining table, coffee table, conference room table or anything else you need. You can expect a quality finished product from one of the best and brightest carpenters in the area.

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You can see an example of an Austin wood and epoxy table in our gallery or on our social media to get an idea of what makes these tables so special. Connect with Zach at The Wooden Road Home about your custom furniture needs.