Cedar Park Wood And Epoxy Table

Here at The Wooden Road Home, we create some of the most stunning and unique wooden creations, and this includes our Cedar Park wood and epoxy table selection.

These are often called “River Tables.” An epoxy dining table in Cedar Park TX comes with recesses that are intentionally put into the slab of wood and then filled with epoxy resin. The term “River Tables” comes from a large recess that extends from end to end on the table and resembles a wild river or stream flowing through the wood.

As a Cedar Park epoxy wood dining table maker, Zach Leick and his team at The Wooden Road Home can create one of these stunning pieces for you that will stand as a functional piece of art. Few pieces of furniture are more unique than a Cedar Park epoxy resin river table.

Quality materials and savvy craftsmanship for your wood and epoxy table in Cedar Park TX

The Wooden Road Home is a business born out of Zach Leick’s passion and family heritage in the business of carpentry. Not only that, but Zach used his work on custom wood furniture, barn doors and other creations to save a life that was quickly becoming derailed by alcoholism.

Whether you work with WRH for a Cedar Park epoxy dining table or a custom set of barn doors, you can expect quality, reclaimed, locally-sourced wood and an eye for quality along the way.

No Cedar Park wood and epoxy table — or other piece of furniture — leaves the shop unless it lives up to Zach’s exceptionally high standards.

Work with WRH to design a epoxy dining table in Cedar Park TX or another project

If you’re someone that enjoys quality-made goods and one-of-a-kind furniture, Zach is the right Cedar Park wood and epoxy table maker for you. He’s ready to get to work creating something uniquely your own. Connect with him right now.