Georgetown Sliding Interior Barn Doors

Pecan Epoxy River Barn Door

Here at The Wooden Road Home, founder and CEO Zach Leick and his staff specialize in creating Georgetown sliding barn doors, custom wood furniture, live edge creations and more.

Implementing one-of-a-kind furniture and features in your home or commercial building comes with many benefits. You can set your space apart stylistically while reaping a variety of functional benefits, by connecting with Zach and his team to see everything they have to offer in terms of interior barn doors in Georgetown TX.

A great resource for Georgetown interior barn doors

Whether you’re a professional interior designer, or just a weekend do-it-yourselfer looking to spruce up your home, The Wooden Road Home is a great resource for custom wood creations.

Sliding barn doors in Georgetown TX, and throughout the rest of the country, have become somewhat of a hot interior design trend. More and more homeowners are implementing this feature in their homes because they prove to be:

  • Stylish: From closet barn doors in Georgetown TX, to barn doors for doorways that lead from one room or another, these feature versatility in terms of style. Zach and his team can provide a rustic, rugged look or a polished, elegant feel.
  • Easy to install: These Georgetown sliding barn doors are a lot easier to install than traditional doors, which surprisingly require a lot of additional hardware and time to install. With our interior barn doors in Georgetown TX, all you need is a track mounted on the outside of the door frame.
  • Functional and convenient: Our Georgetown closet barn doors are easy to open and shut, provide an adequate privacy barrier and also save space that would be occupied by a traditional door that swings in and out. There are many functional benefits that come with barn doors.

Browse the stunning Georgetown sliding barn doors that Zach and his team have made for previous clients and talk to him about the vision you had for your next project!