Georgetown Wood And Epoxy Table

From a stunning Georgetown wood and epoxy table to a beautiful, rustic barn door — The Wooden Road Home is a premier, independent furniture maker that is ready to provide clients with stunning wooden creations that effectively serve as functional furniture but also pieces of art.

Zach Leick is the brains behind The Wooden Road Home — in fact, the company has stemmed from his passion and family’s deep roots in the craft. Whether you’re looking for a custom epoxy dining table in Georgetown TX, or to install a wood wall in your home or commercial building, Zach and his team will overdeliver in terms of quality of work and service!

Specializing in Georgetown epoxy wood dining table construction

Amongst the wide range of beautiful, handmade wood furniture produced by Zach and his team at The Wooden Road Home, a Georgetown epoxy resin river table is one of the more popular and in-demand items.

In fact, these have become a hot trend in many interior decorating circles. The tables feature handmade recesses in the slab of reclaimed wood. The recesses are filled with an epoxy resin to lend a unique dynamic to the table. A large recess generally runs the length of the table, resembling a river flowing between two banks.

This sort of wood and epoxy table in Georgetown TX instantly becomes a conversation piece and stands as a work of art. And Zach and his team do not disappoint with jaw-dropping creations.

Consult with WRH about a Georgetown epoxy dining table or something else

Whether you have dreams of bringing a one-of-a-kind Georgetown wood and epoxy table to your home, or you’re in the market for something else (i.e. coffee table, end table, something from the WRH premium wood collection), Zach is ready to talk to you.

He can show you a previous epoxy dining table in Georgetown TX from his shop (or several) and talk to you about the process that goes into creating these functional works of art.

Equip your home with a new addition from the premier Georgetown wood and epoxy table maker. Connect with The Wooden Road Home right now.