Hays Farmhouse Dining Table

Family dinner is an important and special time in any household, and you can make it even more memorable by gathering around a Hays farmhouse dining table that was handmade by the artisans at The Wooden Road Home.

The brainchild of custom carpenter Zach Leick, The Wooden Road Home specializes in a full range of handmade, custom wood furniture in addition to wood barn doors. Zach created the company literally from the sweat of his brow, his passion for the craft and his desire to escape a lifestyle of alcoholism that he gradually saw was hurting him.

The Wooden Road Home creates lasting furniture that becomes important to the households in which they reside — like a farmhouse kitchen table in Hays TX.

Zach and his team can custom make a Hays farmhouse dining set to serve as the setting of your family meals and gatherings.

Why work with WRH for your farmhouse dining table in Hays TX?

When it comes to purchasing furniture, there is certainly no shortage of options — many of them admittedly cheaper. 

However, here is why so many people are turning to The Wooden Road Home to go the custom, handmade route for their Hays farmhouse kitchen table and other furniture.

  • Authenticity: Do you want a farmhouse dining set in Hays TX that just looks the part, or is actually authentic. It’s easy to spot the difference. Zach and his team use quality, beautiful reclaimed wood from the local area to make our pieces the real deal.
  • Long-lasting: When you work with WRH for your Hays farmhouse dining table, you’re getting a collection that is going to last the long haul, just like the reclaimed wood it was made out of.
  • Quality and beauty: Zach and his team drop every pit of passion and attention they have into each individual creation. You can expect your farmhouse kitchen table in Hays TX to be one-of-a-kind and a true labor of love.

Browse The Wooden Road Home’s gallery of previous projects and see why Zach and his team would be the right choice to bring your Hays farmhouse dining table to life!