Hays Wood And Epoxy Table

Welcome to the online home for the local Hays wood and epoxy table experts. If you are interested in learning more about this custom furniture innovation, or would like to work with Zach Leick and his team to customize a creation of your own, then connect with the team at The Wooden Road Home right now.

Looking for an epoxy dining table in Hays TX?

Wood and epoxy tables, often called “River Tables,” have grown in popularity significantly over time. The Wooden Road Home is your trusted Hays epoxy wood dining table makers, ready to bring your custom creation to life.

The following is a little bit about the construction associated with a Hays epoxy resin river table and why so many residential and commercial clients want one for their home or facilities.

  • Like with all our tables, The Wooden Road Home starts with a slab of reclaimed wood. However, Zach and his team create recesses in the wood, including a large recess that extends the length of the table.
  • The recesses are then filled with a special epoxy resin, which is left to dry. This allows the wood and epoxy table in Hays TX to take on a look that resembles a winding river that flows the length of the table.
  • Zach and his team can further customize your Hays epoxy dining table to fit your exact needs and preferences (i.e. special hardware, etc.).
  • You can trust that your Hays wood and epoxy table will be durable and long-lasting, while at the same time, stand out as a work of art. These tables are consistently conversation pieces as they are one-of-a-kind and unique.

In addition to handling your needs for an epoxy dining table in Hays TX, The Wooden Road Home specializes in all sorts of custom wood furniture, barn doors, live edge creations, wood walls and more.

If a Hays wood and epoxy table sounds like something you’d like in your home or office, connect with The Wooden Road Home. We’d love to show you some samples of our previous work.