Houston Edge Epoxy Table

Welcome to the online home for a skilled Houston live edge epoxy table maker. Here at The Wooden Road Home, Zach Leick and our team design and create handmade custom wooden furniture, including Houston live edge coffee tables, Farmhouse Tables, Benches, Cabinets, and even wood wall installations.

Houston live edge dining tables and coffee tables

The living room and dining room of your home are two of its key areas. You want to have furniture that encourages conversation, community, and shared memories. Our Houston live edge coffee tables and dining tables, with their unique and inspiring designs, fill this need.

One of the things that makes our shop different is that Zach and the team tirelessly search for the best and most interesting premium kiln dried hardwood for our Houston live edge epoxy tables and other projects, with some of the lumber being nearly 100 years old. With this dedication to finding premium pieces, added to our quality craftsmanship, you can trust that any Houston live edge dining table you order from The Wooden Road Home is going to be one-of-a-kind, durable, and the perfect fit.

What characteristic is most important to you in a live edge epoxy table in Houston TX?

  • One-of-a-kind: Are you looking for something other folks don’t have? Many of our customers are requesting our live edge tables like the Houston live edge epoxy table. By preserving the untrimmed, organic tree edge of the planks, these pieces highlight the true nature of the original tree. With our live edge coffee table in Houston TX, we maintain the cracks and untrimmed edges of the table, and it’s possible to add a splash of bold color with epoxy as well.
  • Functional: Does your live edge dining table in Houston TX need to fit in an unusual space? Or do your needs dictate a specific shape and color? We pride ourselves on customization and welcome your requests: we want this table to work for you.
  • Matching decor: You’ll see on our website that our designs range from innovative to traditional. Do you need a Houston live edge epoxy table that is sleek and sophisticated or rugged, rustic, and strong? We will meet your needs.

Whether you have all of your plans for a live edge epoxy table in Houston TX completely worked out, or you want our ideas on design, we’re delighted to help. Zach is ready to talk to you.