Hutto Sliding Interior Barn Doors

Pecan Epoxy River Barn Door

Would your home or commercial setting benefit from Hutto sliding barn doors? This is a fun, stylish feature that you can bring to your home to both add to your decor while saving space in the process.

Here at The Wooden Road Home, Zach Leick and his team specialize in interior barn doors in Hutto TX in addition to custom wood furniture, live edge creations, wood walls and more. If you’re looking for a nice selection of Hutto closet barn doors, The Wooden Road Home is a great place to start your search — Zach and his crew can customize a set of doors from the ground up.

What to consider when shopping for sliding barn doors in Hutto TX

The Wooden Road Home would love to work closely with you to create Hutto interior barn doors that feature all of your stylistic preferences. We practice strong communication with our clients so that the finished project perfectly mirrors exactly what they are looking for.

If you are looking for closet barn doors in Hutto TX — or barn doors for other doorways throughout your home — make sure you consider some of the following before you buy.

  • Wall space. Since a track must be mounted on the outside of your doorway, there must be enough wall space to accommodate for our Hutto sliding barn doors.
  • Switches, outlets, etc. Make sure you look for these, and other components, and understand that they might be interfered with if interior barn doors in Hutto TX slide over top of them.
  • Do you need to lock your door? This isn’t impossible with barn doors, but they will require special hardware. Plus, barn doors don’t seal a door completely.

Zach and his staff can answer any questions you might have about Hutto sliding barn doors and, if you want to bring this great feature to your home, they’ll help you customize your doors down to the smallest detail. Get started now.