Lakeway Custom Live Edge Conference Tables

The Wooden Road Home is a company led by custom carpenter Zach Leick and provides Lakeway custom conference tables and other furniture that businesses might be looking for.

From a live edge conference table in Lakeway TX, which keeps the natural edge of the wood intact for beauty and uniqueness, to something more traditional, Zach and his team are ready to hand make a quality piece for your office.

Why invest in custom wood conference tables in Lakeway TX?

Many folks make the same argument — why pay more money for custom conference tables in Lakeway TX when you can find factory-produced pieces at a far lower cost?

The truth is that custom furniture of any kind is superior to factory-produced for a variety of reasons. You’ll find the same notion to ring true with our Lakeway wood conference tables. You’ll quickly discover that a custom piece for your office:

  • Is going to last longer than mass-produced furniture. Zach and his team hand picks quality, locally-sourced, reclaimed wood for their Lakeway custom conference tables. This, combined with expert craftsmanship, means that our tables will last a long time.
  • Adds style, beauty and uniqueness. Whatever your company culture or style preferences might be, The Wooden Road Home can match you with furniture that fits seamlessly. Looking to establish rustic, nature-centric decor? A live edge conference table in Lakeway TX would be perfect.
  • Will reflect well on your business. If a potential client visits your office, what puts you in a better light: Cheap, flimsy furniture or custom, wood furniture? The Wooden Road Home will help you put your best foot forward with stunning pieces that represent your brand well.

Aside from our Lakeway custom conference tables, we also specialize in other wood furniture and custom barn doors for both residential and commercial clients. Schedule a consultation with Zach and let’s get started on your project!