Lakeway Farmhouse Dining Table

As a bright and talented Lakeway farmhouse dining table maker, Zach Leick specializes in hand-creating custom furniture out of local, reclaimed wood. He doesn’t just make farmhouse tables, either.

Zach is a skilled, custom carpenter, just like members of his family before him. He can create anything from a farmhouse kitchen table in Lakeway TX to wood walls, live edge furniture, wooden barn doors and more.

Work with Zach to create a Lakeway farmhouse dining set that you love

Custom furniture offers so much more than mass-produced pieces. When you work with Zach and his team on a farmhouse dining table in Lakeway TX, you are ensuring that your dining room will be home to a one-of-a-kind piece that was crafted from the finest materials available.

Your dining room table is a very important piece of furniture — it’s the area that your family will gather around for decades to communicate and make memories. With a custom Lakeway farmhouse kitchen table or dining table, you can reap the benefits of gathering around a functional piece of art that will last for generations and grow in its sentimental value.

Why choose The Wooden Road Home for a farmhouse dining set in Lakeway TX?

Whether you’re in the market for a beautifully-crafted coffee table or a full dining set, The Wooden Road Home is an excellent, locally-based craftsman to work with.

Your Lakeway farmhouse dining table is in good hands with Zach and his team. Zach’s family has a strong history in the carpentry business and his passion for the art is evident in each piece that leaves his shop.

Whether you’re on the hunt for a farmhouse kitchen table in Lakeway TX or show-stopping wooden barn doors, Zach’s creations consistently exceed expectations.

Talk to the leading Lakeway farmhouse dining table maker himself. Zach is ready to hear from you about your custom furniture and barn door needs.