West Lake Hills Sliding Interior Barn Doors

Pecan Epoxy River Barn Door

The Wooden Road Home is the perfect resource to turn to for West Lake Hills sliding barn doors. If you have ever thought about bringing this stylish and unique feature to your home or commercial building, then connect with Zach Leick and his staff to learn more.

We specialize in interior barn doors in West Lake Hills TX

Sliding barn doors easily install on to a track mounted to the outside of a doorway and slide into place. Not only do West Lake Hills closet barn doors provide an element of style and decor, but they help homeowners save space in their rooms.

When you work with The Wooden Road Home for your sliding barn doors in West Lake Hills TX, you get:

  • A customized project that will fit your exact needs and preferences. Zach and his team can show you all the style and structural options for your West Lake Hills interior barn doors so that you can tailor them to fit the decor needs of your home or building.
  • Closet barn doors in West Lake Hills TX that are crafted out of locally-sourced, reclaimed wood. Zach and his team only use wood that is reclaimed locally and they choose the highest quality wood to ensure the quality and integrity of your barn doors.
  • Personalized service from an industry-leading custom carpenter. Zach is focused on the needs of his clients and delivering finished projects that exceed their expectations. To do that, he will work closely with you to pin down exactly what you want and then deliver on it.

Not only does The Wooden Road Home specialize in West Lake Hills sliding barn doors but we create custom wood furniture of all types, in addition to live edge creations, wood walls and more.

When you work with our team for your interior barn doors in West Lake Hills TX and other projects, you can expect work that is one-of-a-kind and will last generations. We produce functional pieces of art.

Consult with Zach and his team at The Wooden Road Home

We’d love to show you some samples of our West Lake Hills sliding barn doors to prove what we can do for you. Connect with us right now for your custom furniture and barn door needs.