West Lake Hills Wood And Epoxy Table

As a trusted, skilled West Lake Hills wood and epoxy table maker, Zach Leick and his team at The Wooden Road Home are ready to bring this cutting-edge, innovative piece of furniture to your home or commercial building.

We can create an epoxy dining table in West Lake Hills TX

Often called a “River Table,” a West Lake Hills epoxy wood dining table features recesses in the wood slab that are then filled by a special epoxy resin. A large recess is generally created from end-to-end on the table and filled in to create the appearance of a river flowing the length of the table.

Zach and his team can create a West Lake Hills epoxy resin river table that will prove to be:

  • A work of art. This is why most people opt for custom furniture — it’s one-of-a-kind and features the passion and skills of its maker. Zach and his crew can create a wood and epoxy table in West Lake Hills TX that stands on its own as a work of art.
  • Functional furniture. At the same time, your West Lake Hills epoxy dining table will be durable and strong. You can use it often without fear of the wear and tear tarnishing how it looks. Zach’s pieces last the test of time.
  • A conversation piece. A West Lake Hills wood and epoxy table tends to grab people’s attention. It’s different from your typical piece of furniture and something worth talking about.

The Wooden Road Home can work with you to create an epoxy dining table in West Lake Hills TX, but we also specialize in a full line of custom wood furniture in addition to wood barn doors, live edge creations and more. Our gallery will show you the full extent of our capabilities and all the wonderful customized projects we can bring to your home.

Connect with Zach and his team and let’s talk about your custom furniture needs. Work with an artisan with a strong family tradition in the craft and a passion for his artistic pursuits. All of that will go into your West Lake Hills wood and epoxy table or other project.